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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tranquility .

Up with the lark this morning.  Caught the sun rising behind the hills over the other side of my quinta.  Its such a peaceful tranquil feeling to watch, with no noise but a few twitters from the birds.

Another beautiful Autumn morning- 

Living a horses life.. filling their tummies -Rosie seems to have grown since she has been here.!

My pepper trees full of bright red corns.
                                         Green in just one month.

                                              Good morning coo's the dove.. October is here

I dont know about you dear blogging friends.   This year, seems to have flown for me.
Spring, Summer and Autumn days are now with us.   Here in the Alentejo, we are having lovely sunny Autumn days. Slowly the grass fields are getting greener.
The days shorter, but our mornings are always so peaceful.

Wishing you all a happy 1st of October..



  1. Dear Val - I was up with the lark too this morning and saw a similar sky. I had to get H to the station to catch the 7.00am London train - he will be staying up over night and back tomorrow.
    We have just had the warmest driest September since records began - lovely isn't it.

    1. Dear Rosemary,
      I love these early Autumn mornings. The sun shines and twinkles through the trees, as i sit on my back porch.
      Its a great time of the day.
      Yes, i have been watching uk weather.. you have had it really good. Hope it continues for a while.. xxxx Thanks for coming over.. val

  2. Beautiful place to sit and enjoy God's creation! Have a great day,Val!

  3. Your summer wasn't as harsh this year as last or at least it seemed so. We had a wet cool summer again and it will be frosting again soon. I have never seen a pepper tree.

    1. Hi Sunnybrook.
      Our summers here in Alentejo are always very hot. It didnt rain here since May.. it started to rain last week only.
      It cooled down a little.. Now we are back in the high 30's..
      October, can be a lovely month..
      Thanks for coming over. Now you have seen a pepper tree.

  4. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, wherever you are in the world. It is my favourite season, and your photos capture it so well Val. Beautiful sunrise, and the pepper tree is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Autumn is so beautiful. As i grow older, I do believe that its one of my favorite months.
      Thank you for coming to visit. xx

  5. just lovely! congratulations on the green-up!

    1. Thanks Tex,
      yes, its getting greener. The west pasture is now closed to the horses giving time for growth.

  6. Such a beautiful array of photos, Val. Truly tranquil.

    1. Thank you Jen.
      These Autumn days are so tranquil.. summer is more hectic.

  7. Val, I love this post. I can feel the tranquility in your photos. Such a beautiful shot of the sun rising and the calm and beautiful horses. Rosie is looking very grand! I love getting up early and watching the sun rise and hearing the birds, SO why don't I do it??The Captain is the early riser in this family..Happy Wednesday to you..Judy

  8. Dearest Val, so very nice to read from you! You are very kind to comment! I have been absent for a long, long time! You know that the picture is from the Avoca cookery book! I am flying off to... LISBOA tomorrow! I am so excited! I am sure and I know that we will have a great time! Will let you know... but know I have to pack my suitcase... big hugs, Christa

  9. Hello Val
    Being up with the lark is always a joy and your home looks beautiful in this light. I see you had a dove to sing to you.

    Helen xx

  10. It's so peaceful where you live, Val. I love the pictures of the bird, the horses, the sunrise, and the pepper trees with the red corns. I've never seen them before. It's supposed to be warmer this week, but cooling off next week. I will appreciate the cooler weather when it comes

    Happy October, dear Val.


  11. Hello Val. Beautiful pictures and I love the sunrise it looks gorgeous. Yes this year is flying by but Autumn is my favourite season and am going to embrace it as always. At the moment we are having exceptionally warm and sunny days here in the UK but evidently this will not last for much longer. I'm hoping to do some "catch up" reading of your posts today. I've been very busy of late but hope to get back to blogging this weekend. Have missed keeping in touch with you. The trouble is, the longer I'm out of the link, the less I'm motivated to get back to writing, which as a rule I love. Onwards and upwards! Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  12. Lovely photos of a peaceful tranquil morning - the autumns beginnings have been wonderful but today they changed and it is grey dreary and raining - what a shame I was so enjoying the lovely weather.


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