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Friday, 10 October 2014

History,Treaties, gifts- part l

 No.1 LONDON. 

                                                                                           1st Duke of Wellington- Arthur  Wellesley.
Thoughout his  career  he was presented by grateful nations - Various gifts.

Wellesley - famous for his warfare defence and strategy. Resulting in several victories against superior  forces, while minimising his own losses.  

He is regarded as one of the greatest defence commanders of all time. Many battle tactics are still studied in military academies around the world.

Twice British Prime minister under Tory party.
1st Duke of Wellington. 
Iberian wars-  Wellington on his horse. Fighting Napoleon's forces.

 The history of the Duke of Wellington, is well known to us all.  He was a brilliant commander, and well known for his many battles.  

My post today,is about one particular gift that the 1st Duke of Wellington received from the Portuguese Counsel Regency in 1816.
Blurred image.. but most magnificent. 

Designer to the Portuguese court.
It is the centerpiece of Silver and gilt.  The service consists of over 1,000 pieces .. It is the greatest single monument of Portuguese neo classical silver.
8 metre long.    It is displayed on the Duke's original mahogany dining table .  The table was especially designed to support its weight.

If you happen to visit Apsley House.   Most of the silver gifts and plate  are in the "Plate and China" room.    The house was re opened to the puplic in 1853 by the 2nd Duke of Wellington.

 The Wellesley family...   Arriving at the 8th Duke of Wellington..  --Arthur Valerian Wellesley. He has many inherited titles - including the "Duke of Victory Portugal.   He was born in Rome. son of the 7th Duke of Wellington.. and also known by the courtesy . Marquess of Douro.
                                        8th Duke of Wellington-    order of the Garter 16th of June 2014.
The Wellesley family.  Still live in quarters in Apsley House.

A little bit of history of the 1st Duke of Wellington's battle ,when  joining  forces with the Portuguese, Spanish and British.     They accomplished the defeat and retreat of Napoleon and his forces, from the Iberian peninsula.
                                                              (all images courtesy of wikipedia)
The Wellesley's have strong ties with Portugal.
Britain and Portugal have never been at war.
(Treaty of Windsor   1386) -

Wishing all my dear blogging friends.. A very happy weekend.
A big thank you to all who left their lovely comments on my last post.



  1. I really enjoyed this post Val. I love anything to do with history and so I've learnt a lot. Thank you for your lovely comment which I've just this minute seen. Wishing you a great weekend dear friend. Hugs
    Patricia x

    1. Hi Patricia,
      I too love History, its what we are all about really.
      I thought of you, and your trips to London.. but I am sure you have been to Apsley house. thanks for coming over.. x

  2. oh, my goodness! can you imagine receiving that? :)

    1. I thought the same Tex. Can you imagine just cleaning it. and all the rest of the house and its art and collection.

  3. Dear Val - I visited No.1 London about six years ago, and remember well the Portuguese centre piece on the table, it is a tour de force in silver.
    When you visit the house you can also cross the road to Wellington's Arch and climb up the inside of it which gives a great view over that area of London.
    Lovely to see you back again Val, and with a very interesting post.

    1. Hello Rosemary,
      I thought that many of my followers who live close to London must have visited this famous house. It will be one of the first places that I visit next when in London.
      Thank you for the tip about Wellington's arch.. I dont know much about the homes of England.
      There is so much that I want to see.
      Thank you for your kind comment Rosemary.. always so appreciated

  4. I have passed that house so many times with out realising of the treasures inside! Sarah x

    1. Hello Sarah,
      I have done the same. passed that area many many times.
      I did not know however what a great home it is and as you say..the treasures that are there within. Thank you for coming over Sarah.

  5. Val, you may not have Halloween but your part of the world is so rich in history. The gilt and silver collection must be a sight to see..Happy Weekend..Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      They do celebrate Halloween in the UK. this post is about Apsley house in London.. I was amazed to learn of this gift from the Portuguese to the Duke of Wellington. Nice to see you.. val x

  6. Thank you for the wonderful history lessons complete with photos.

    1. I am pleased you enjoyed reading about Apsley house and the magnificent centerpiece given as a gift to the Duke of Wellington from the Portuguese court.

  7. What a great post, Val - somehow I missed it. I have been past Apsley House in London, but did not know you could visit it. The Portuguese silver is absolutely amazing, a fabulous gift which I would love to see. It is interesting that Portugal and Britain have never been at war - nearly all the other nearby countries have been alienated at some time from Britain. Thank you for sharing. xx


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