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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

around the quinta , sun, garden

 I am not sure  what is happening to our weather.!     Only a week ago, it was getting colder.  cooler days and colder nights. I had even changed a few clothes around in my wardrobe..back to slacks and long sleeve tops. -   Then the weather man tell us  to get ready for hot weather again. !

Its like summer here, but with a little difference.   Its Autumn sun, its kinder and the  little morning and afternoon  breezes that sift through the branches of the trees,  bring the butterflies.  I tried so hard to catch a quick photo of a butterfly on a rose, but not quick enough.

  The fields are still turning green and we have some little yellow flowers coming through. The rain we had was very welcome.
While the weather has been good and the soil a little wet from the last rains.  I decided to better the path to Olive cottage. It joins  Peter's path that he laid down 2 years ago for me..The new path goes to

where the gate is.
I am pleased with it.  As always Pedro has done a great job.

The store room is now plastered and has  the roof tiles on.   The door and window's are ready now to be installed. Work in progress.

   With all the rain and then humidity and heat.   My plants have been growing overtime.   I have two fur trees, and they seem to have taken off this year all of a sudden.    You can see the west pastures are green and the grass growing along with the lovely little yellow flowers .. Its like an early spring.

                                   The Oleander bushes have grown so high.  They have to be trimmed . When they get too high, the bottom of the tree becomes a little naked.   I like them as a bush.
                                              I bought two of these flowers about 2 months ago.  I have no idea of their name.. i was told, and have forgotten.. but they are so lovely.. They flower all the time and the red seems to grow quicker than the pink.  (anyone know its name !)  I would like to know if i could plant them in the ground.
                                            The Gerda bushes are overtaking the back garden in front of Rose Cottage..  Moving them at the end of the month.  I never realized that they grew so tall. They flower most of the year around, but block the view of the other bushes.
                                                     A stunning  pure white rose ,I spotted walking around.. its blooming where I buried my little lady last december.. I was thrilled to see it.. its as if she is saying hello to me.
                                   This bush, I have shown you many times.  Its the hardiest rose bush in my garden.  It always thrills me with such beautiful blooms.

                                                                  "Perhaps I owe having become a painter to flowers"

(Claude Monet)..

When one is not happy with a painting.. try and try again.

I have so many to finish..   Painting flowers are my favorites.

Yesterday, I started to prune my roses.. not a total cut .. just a
light pruning.  As I will still get roses until December.
Here a a couple in my long vase.

Painting by val  2010.  "Yellow Roses"

When one has a garden, there is always something to do, through all the seasons.
Here in Portugal, our weather is a little kinder to us than the northern countries.
I sometimes think, that the flowers, know when we are tending them. !! Silly I know.   After a couple of days they peek up and bob around saying thank you, and I am once again able to put a vase of lovely flowers together.

Wishing all my blogging friends a happy week.

Enjoy each day.

Thank you for all the super comments on Luisa's visit to the Quinta.



  1. We are having an unusually dry and warm autumn here. I'm ready for some cooler weather and some rain!

    1. Hi jan,
      Our weather at the moment is very warm during the day..it cools now towards the evening.. thanks for coming over ..hope you get some rain.

  2. everything looks to be growing and blooming well, still! enjoy that warmer weather while it lasts!

    1. I am doing that Tex.
      Its really wonderful weather.
      Its looking lovely around here at the moment.
      Thanks for coming over to visit

  3. Your gardens always look full of sunshine and happiness Val. I love the paintinf of the yellow roses, it's gorgeous. You are so talented. We've had a few of those storms that came across the Atlantic yesterday but it's all quiet out there now and the sun is shining, so off for a walk in the countryside today. Have a lovely week.
    Patricia xx

    1. Thank you Patricia..
      I do try to keep it happy. But the flowers all of a sudden are growing so fast.. there is a lot to keep up.
      Hope you didnt get too badly hit with the storms.
      great to see you. xx

  4. I am enjoying cooler weather. Love your painting, so very pretty, Val. Your yellow roses are so pretty, the painting looks just like them.

    1. Thank you Sylvia..for your kind comment on my painting.
      I do love to paint.. but other things such as garden and life in general keep me from it too much.

  5. Good Morning Val, Your flowers are beautiful. I love this time of year when the days are warm and the evenings and mornings chilled. Your path is lovely, that looks like a lot of work, I'm not sure that I would be able to get my stones laid so evenly and perfect as yours. Well, enjoy these beautiful days, because winter is coming :) Oh, love the tiled roof . . . so pretty.
    Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie..
      Thanks for your visit.. so nice to see you.
      The path was an easy project.. as they are slabs.. laid on a bed of sand mixed with dry cement.. Pedro did it in a day. He is such an excellent worker and handy man.
      Enjoy your week..

  6. Oh Val, I really love that painting of the yellow roses. You are so talented. The single white rose is very pretty. Your store room is coming along nicely. I bet you're anxious for it to be finished. Everything is beautiful where you live, Val. I hope you get some cooler weather. Here in California, it is cooler in the mornings now, and even the days are getting cooler. I am loving Autumn so much.


    1. Thank you so much Sheri.. i am pleased you like my painting.
      I like it too. It hangs in my bedroom.
      The store room is coming along. should be ready for christmas.
      I need the storage for winter.
      Enjoy these lovely autumn days.. xxxx

  7. Dearest Val, a lovely and heartwarming post! I think you are right and I think it was scientifically proofed that plants respond when they are cared for well. With their roots they also interact with each other. They also a kind of whine when they lack water. In this sense I think it is worth talking to them and tender them - they will say thank you with new flowers! Just like in your case. Not silly at all! --- Since today we are having cold weather. A northerly wind is blowing, I even saw a few snow flakes today! Be happy and enjoy life (it seems you do and right you are!), Christa

    1. Dear Christa..
      thank you for your kind comment . I do feel that flowers love to be talked too. My mother used to do it .. she had green fingers.
      I do believe it works.
      Nina tells me the weather is turning and getting colder.
      I wish the same to you Christa.. Enjoy life.. its so short.. god bless

  8. Your painting is lovely and I always seeing the wild flowers in your meadow.
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah..
      I had fun painting the yellow roses. It hangs in my bedroom.wishing you a good week ..xx

  9. Val, that is such a pretty painting of the yellow roses. Your roses are still beautiful and I love your description of the autumn sunshine..Happy Wednesday..Judy

    1. Thank you for you kind comment Judy..
      I am pleased you liked my post.. the breeze passes slowly and whiffs the trees.. It truly autum.

  10. I always enjoy looking at your flowers and property--it's so uplifting, and I feel your love for it. Wonderful yellow rose painting. xo

  11. Hi Jen,
    I am glad you like seeing my flowers.. i love to tend them and get the best out of them that i can. Its rewarding.

  12. Hello dear Val, Your yellow rose painting is so beautiful, especially with your special yellow roses standing beside it. Very special.
    Like you, we have very strange weather - some very cold mornings, then sudden bursts of extremely hot. I have put away most winter clothing, preparing for summer, then have to go and find a coat. Today I need to get out the summer tops, because a heatwave is forecast. Climate change!
    Love the Monet quote: so true. I have many flower paintings in my house.
    love from Australia. xxx

  13. Just wanted to say hello, Val.

    It's Halloween here tomorrow, and it's a fun day for all the kids getting some candy. We live in a new neighborhood with only a few homes built so far, so will probably only get a few trick-or-treaters.

    Enjoy your Friday, Val.


  14. Your garden is beautiful and the gorgeous flowers you manage to grow must provide endless inspiration for your lovely paintings, Val.


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