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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Clear blue skies at 9am this morning.
 November already.!   For me, this year seemed to have passed so quickly.   In one way, its a good thing, as it tells me that i have been busy.   Better to be busy than not have anything to do at all.    Always something ongoing at the quinta.

Our weather here at the moment is just beautiful.  Warm Autumn days, our nights a little cooler, little breezes now and then.  Birds fly around twittering and talking to each other.  Butterflies are out.  I can't ever seem to take a photo of them, they are too fast for me.

 I enjoy my time on  the patio and enjoy the silence.
"It is golden"!!

The horses are all together and enjoying their new pastures of lush green grass.   Some mornings, I join them to talk and ask them if they are happy.! ):-  Pascoa loves to be patted and stroked, and kindly rubes her head on my shoulder as a thank you.

Pascoa and two tick egrets.  I like to see the birds, they keep the horses clear of the ticks.

Little Athena.. I do believe she will be tall..she has such long legs

Slowly the 5 move around their new pasture..finding the best areas. 

                                                                Athena -
Morning chit chat around the water tank.

It makes me very happy to see the horses munching away. Getting fatter each week. Rosie  in the forefront 
              Dear blogging friends.   Wishing you all a very happy 1st of November... All saints day.. love and peace to all, and remembering with love all our loved ones who have passed and are now at rest.
Thank you for all your lovely comments that you leave on my posts.  

                                           During these awful days of unrest .. lets stop for a while today, and pray for peace.. I just don't understand what our beautiful world is coming too.

                  As written in the words of John Lennon.

"Imagine all the people living life in peace.
  You may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one.
  I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one."


  1. The words of the song, are very appropriate for these trying times.... I, also, cannot believe it is November. The year has flown by.

    1. Hi Meggie, I think John Lennon really wrote some wonderful music and lyrics.. Indeed , November already.. where has the year gone.
      Thanks for coming over xx

  2. Dear Val, Everything in your garden and pastures looks so wonderful and green. Even your roses are having a re-birth. We are heading into winter. Any day we will have snow. The only color I will see is in my greenhouse.

    1. Thank you Gina.. It really is looking lovely here at the moment.
      I am amazed at my roses.. I think my summer pruning worked.

  3. a happy all saints day to you! sweet, happy horses!

  4. Yes, Val, this year has or is going by so fast. We need to sit and enjoy what is left of it. I too love to sit on my patio and enjoy the still quiet day, hope yours is a blessed one!

  5. Hello Valerie

    Your home looks peaceful and restful and those horses must amuse.
    Yes, I join in a prayer for peace
    R.I.P. John Lennon.

  6. Imagine! Love the song, and the words, and what a perfect choice in these difficult times, Val.
    For me, I also don't know where the year has gone - it feels we only just had last Christmas and here we go again :)
    Little Athena is adorable, so cute and pretty, and the green pasture and roses look wonderful. How nice the horses have a place to meet and greet, have a little gossip. Priceless!!
    Happy Souls Day today, from Australia. P. xxx

  7. Hi Val. Love those sweet horses. I call those egrets good luck birds as we see alot of them when we go to see the kids. I always feel I have good luck after I've seen one I didn't know they picked the ticks.. It is November already. This year is flying by and I'm at the point in life where that doesn't appeal to me!! It would have been my dad's 102 birthday today. Imagine that!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. Dear Val, Those are beautiful images from your November morning! Wishing you a Happy month. Sarah x


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