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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

over the weekend

Valentines weekend was special this year .
 Filipe, surprised me, and  arrived with Diana on Friday last.
  He  took over the kitchen, and  it  was like old times again.
Exotic smells from his cooking in the kitchen.  He had been to buy some English goodies at the Brit shop in Lisbon, for a good old English breakfast on saturday morning.
Filipe is an excellent cook and it was great to sit together at the table and enjoy it all..

Its  cold and very windy outside, but the cold is not as acute as previous weeks.  Its the wind that hits you, when you go outside.    

Little Athena is coming on so well.  Horses dont like wind.  They huddle up together .  The weather is slowly changing.. the grass is growing a little quicker , due to the early morning dew and the midday sun that we get now and again.. so besides their hay and  feed..they are very spoilt.

                                                                     This box looks big.. but its very very slim inside is one of the most expensive condements .. Saffron .. Miguel brought it back from Iran on his last trip to lecture there.
Both  Filipe and myself, couldn't wait to open it ,we used but a little into the boiling water and added the rice..  The taste is so so fantastic .. very different taste from the bought saffron in the packets at the supermarket.

                              Valentines dinner -  banana and apple with mango chutney.. Iranian Saffron rice
                  Curried pawns with red and green peppers.
                               Praws  with garlic and olive oil..
                                 Chicken and veggi wraps.. with just a pinch of curry

 A delightful weekend.    Filipe and Diana left on Monday.   Off they went to her parents for her 21st Birthday.  

My first rose.. it is indeed amongst thorns.. the bush is still to be pruned.  I was delighted to see it.
a sign that spring is coming.

Wishing you all a great week.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post.



  1. what a wonderful visit they gave you and full of good food, too! glad spring is coming!

    1. Thanks Tex.. its always great when i get a phone call saying , we will be there in an hour.

  2. Oh, Val, no wonder you love having Felipe visit, among other reasons too!. Your dinner looks so wonderful and tasty and how nice to have that saffron. It is very expensive as you say. Glad you had a Happy Valentine's Day, and I'm glad the horses are enjoying life too...Judy

    1. Thanks Judy,
      It was great just the three of us together.. and the meal was delicious.
      Saffron i believe, is one of the most expensive spices.. especially the one i was given from Iran.

  3. Filipe gave you a very special Valentine this year. What a great son, making the lovely breakfast then that wonderful dinner. The saffron rice looks so delicious along with all the other goodies. Hello to that sweet yellow rose! Spring is coming to you soon. xxxx

    1. Thanks Patricia.. It was great to have Filipe and Diana.
      a lovely weekend.
      Spring is on its way.

  4. Looks like a wonderful meal. We are getting wind and the cold over the next couple days is supposed to be colder than it has in 15 years or so. Ready for spring here!

    1. Thanks Sunnybrook..
      Am sure that you will be nice and warm with your new woodburners.
      Temperatures all over the world are changing.

  5. Hello Val
    What a joy it must have been to have Felipe and Diana. It is always wonderful when someone else cooks and what a chef he is.
    How lovely to see the rose a harbinger of spring.
    Helen x

    1. Thank you Helen..
      It was such a lovely weekend. Just the three of us.
      Filipe loves to cook.
      Spring is on its way. xx

  6. What a marvelous meal. That saffron must be amazing. Your horses are so beautiful and well-loved. It's always a treat to get a peek into your sweet world. xo

    1. The meal was superb. Always something interesting, when Filipe cooks. The saffron is amazing, the rice was delicious.
      Thank you Jen for your kind comment.. My horses are my babies too. They are very well treated and loved and let me know early morning that they want their ration...

  7. I could happily have joined you for your splendid curry meal, always a favourite of mine, and how nice to have it made for you too by your son.
    I always pick up some saffron when I am in Turkey from the spice markets. They told me that the Iranian saffron is the strongest in flavour.
    We visited my youngest son this week, who also is a great cook. He cooked the whole family a pasta with pesto and chicken dish followed by wonderful pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday.

    1. Oh dear Rosemary,
      I think you would fit in just fine and enjoyed the simple meal that was so delicious. I am not one for keeping saffron in my pantry. My mother did. I have no idea about the strength of the Iranian saffron.. just that the dr's who gave it Miguel..said it was the best. It sure tasted good.
      Its so great , when our sons cook. I can imagine your son being a great cook too. xxx

  8. Wow, does that food look good!! Yum yum yum. Suzy x

  9. Look at all this delicious food! The chicken and veggie wraps sound yummy. You had such a nice Valentine's Day with your family, Val. I would love to ride your horses. I didn't realize they don't like the wind. Your first yellow rose is so pretty. Spring is on its way, and it will be here before you know it.

    Have a good weekend, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. The meal looks delicious. What a special treat for you!

  11. What a lovely surprise for you on Valentine's Day. The special meal cooked for you looks wonderful! Sarah x

  12. I can imagine that I smell that meal!mmmmmmmm!
    I see from your last post that you are going to have an art room I will love to see it progress!


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