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Monday, 2 March 2015

work around the quinta.

                               Its a very miserable day today.   Raindrops are falling very lightly. The sky is dull and grey.   I dont like this weather.    However, it seems that towards mid week, we will be getting some real sunshine and warmer climate.  Hope the weather man is right.!!
                             A couple of years ago, I decided to plant my Hyacinth into the ground of one of my rose patches.  It didnt do too well, last year.  This year its blossoms are so lovely and scented.  Its really nice to see them still blooming at the beginning of March.  I will definitely be planting more into the ground for next year.
           New leaves and buds on some of my geranium plants . Spring is upon us.
                                   I had every intention of moving my Narcissus into pots closer to the cottage. But with all the work thats going on, just didnt get around to it.  There is always so much to do around a garden, small or large.
                     I  have pruned all my rose bushes now.  New leaves are growing ..next step fertilizer.
                       Some of you may remember that I had a green awning on rose cottage.  It was over 4 years old and was getting worn thin by the hot sun and the rain.    I decided to put a permanent pergola structure onto the front of the cottage . The structure is of wood, in keeping with the cottage.
   Pedro has started working on the structure, and its coming along. I do believe, it will look so much better.  Less rain falling directly in front of the cottage patio.   As Pedro cant come every day.  We will get there.  The windows and the doors are ready for the studio.  Still a couple of months work.
                                        The under boards of the beams, will be painted pink, like studio.

Its been mainly building work around the quinta.. plus getting all the trees and bushes pruned.   At the moment it looks very sad.   Hoping within the next few weeks things will be looking better.

Great to have Nina and Filipe with me this last weekend.  No cooking.  We went out for our meals.
The new week starts again.

Hoping you have all been enjoying life!

Next weekend, I am off to Lisbon for a Gatsby wedding.  Been sorting out my outfit.
Had a rehearsal for Nina yesterday.   Got the thumbs up.  Feathers and all that jazz.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Wishing you a happy week. Val


  1. Hello Val,your flowers are really pretty. There isn't any blooming here yet, but I am excitedly waiting for Spring to come so they will bloom. I have pruned my knock out roses and Crepe Myrtle bush.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sylvia..
      the few little flowers I have are hardy and still bobbing their heads around.
      our weather is not so good at the moment.. very grey and miserable and i just dont feel like gardening, but i have still much to do..so will get on with it.
      you have wonderful roses.. Roses are my favorites.

  2. Hope you get some sunshine soon Val :) lovely pictures

    1. We are waiting Pallavi.
      Its still dull and miserable. I dont like it at all.

  3. A Gatsby wedding? What fun! I hope there will be photos.
    Spring is certainly advanced where you are. Hyacinths aren't up here yet, though daffodils and camellias are blooming beautifully. It's been a funny sort of winter, but I think we can safely say that spring has arrived on the coast.
    The pink cottage will be lovely with the new pergola-like structure.

    1. Thanks Pondside.
      Yes.. i think it will be so much fun. I have my outfit all ready.
      hope to take as many photos as i can..and of course others will too.
      Our climate in the Alentejo, is too hot for camellias. I do love them.
      still three weeks until real Spring is here.
      Thank you for coming by.

  4. you certainly keep pedro busy! :) you're ahead of us this year for spring. we got frozen and snowed on last week several times.

    1. Pedro comes to me when he has his days off from the Olive oil factory.. He works for a few ladies and couples in the area.
      I grab him when I can.
      Oh.. it must be cold there now Tex.
      Our weather is dull and grey skies.. i dont like it at all.
      cant wait for the sun.

  5. Hi Val, you are probably gone on to your Gatsby wedding which sounds like so much fun, but just wanted to say hi and see how you are enjoying March so far. I think you will love the pergola off of Rose Cottage..Happy Monday..Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      Thanks for coming over. I have my outfit ready for the Gatsby wedding.
      I cannot believe that March is upon us and Spring will be here this month.. hoping our weather patterns change.. its so dull and miserable at the moment.

  6. I love the sound of a Gatsby wedding, Val, and I would love to see what you decide to wear! The hyacinth is gorgeous, I do hope it continues to bloom well for you and that you get some sunshine soon. Pedro is working his magic on Rose Cottage, and I am sure the finished result will be just right. Happy days. xx

    1. I think the Gatsby theme is great. Everyone is buzzing about it.
      I have my outfit.. so thats all done.
      I too love the hyacinth in the ground.. i will plant more.
      Pedro gives me time when he can. He also needs the money.
      god bless Patricia..

  7. Have a lovely time at the Gatsby wedding, what fun it sounds. I wonder what your outfit looks like. Photos please on your return! I love hyacinths and their pungent fragrance, reminds me of my childhood for some reason. Never planted them outside though. Yours look gorgeous. Have a great week Val and be in touch again soon. P x

  8. The Gatsby wedding sounds fun! I hope you will show us an image of you in your finery! You seems so well organised and it is lovely to see all those signs of your spring. I hope the sun soon returns! Sarah x

  9. Hi Val
    I'm surprised that you have geraniums in bud already and that they survived the cold weather - you must have the magic touch. All your plans sound very exciting and I look forward to seeing pictures when everything is finished. I hope the Gatsby wedding goes well - sound like it will be lots of fun. Enjoy the rest of the week and let's hope you have plenty of sunshine soon.

  10. Val, that white flower with the yellow center is beautiful. I haven't seen those before. It sounds like you are busy working around your house lately. My husband wants to plant a garden this spring, and will probably start sectioning it with boards this weekend. Your place is coming along nicely.

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

  11. It's so nice to see your spring blooming. We still have a few feet of snow on the ground! I adore the rose cottage.

  12. Dear Val, Lovely to see what is happening around your way. I love hyacinths too.
    I'm hoping this comment will print as I think, with the help of a friend, my blog problems have been resolved.
    Happy days, Betty

  13. Even spring flowers need a little rain, Val, and I'm sure your sunshine will return soon. Here the sprin g flowers are only just starting to get going as we've had a long spell of colder than usual weather.Brr! Your studio and the cottage will look lovely when they're finished.


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