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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

loud barks

 Calmly watching a documentary about 2 hours ago.   The dogs started barking and howling.  At first I gave no notice , then they howled and barked louder and louder.    You can imagine what its like with 5 dogs howling and barking at the same time.!
Putting my shoes on, I thought I better go investigate.!   Even with me next to them they continued to bark.   Ok, what's this happening .    I looked down towards  the bottom of the land , and there was a white truck stopped .  The road at the bottom, is pretty difficult to manage, as it is never used..  However, I found out that a tiny little house towards the right of my land was up for sale.. and a young man from the village had just bought it.    I presumed that it was someone that knew him.  By the time I got halfway down the land, the truck had gone.  
I will have to get used to having neighbors on my right.  Hoping the dogs will start to recognize the cars.
I nearly took my camera with me, but didn't .  Its when we don't have our camera with us, that sometimes we see things we want to photograph.   This was one of those days. 
The sun  bright in the sky , it's warmth felt good . A lovely spring breeze blowing through the olive trees, it was just perfect. 
    To the right of my eye, I saw something run very fast then stop near the fence..under an olive tree. It was the biggest hare, that I have ever seen.  He was enormous.  He sat there for a while, feeling safe I should imagine.   The horses were in the shade swatting their bodies with their tails.
The dogs didn't see him, I was glad of that. I wanted him to get away and get back to his family.  On my way back, he had gone.
I walked over to the big farm. 'Rosmaninhal'- and the abundance of little wild flowers and their scent filled the  afternoon air.   
I so enjoyed the walk.  Not been down there for sometime. 
I have been without a car now for 2 weeks.  My gearbox needed to be repaired.  Hopefully, I should have it back from the mechanic by Friday.
        After having a glass of water and water for the dogs.  I took a few photos.  Its amazing, what a walk can do for one's spirit.   The blue  sky..just a few clouds scattered here and there.
                                                         My fuchsias are once again doing so well.. they are an elegant bush.
                                                                 my favorite daisy
                                                        This is the queen of all my roses.  you have seen it many times. I ordered them from Germany.  They arrived so well packed in the post.  I planted them about 4 years ago. Their scent is intoxicating.

                                            My rose blooms are so big this year.  We had a little rain during the night.  Well, after all it is April and time for spring showers.

Thanking all my dear friends who left comments on my last post.  I do appreciate it so much.
When i see a comment, from one of you, It makes blogging worth while..

Happy Wednesday.



  1. your roses are always beautiful. glad you have good watchdogs, although it will take some time to get used to other homes being occupied. :)

    1. thanks Tex.. yes, the dogs really let me know when there is something strange outside.
      I am not used to anyone being on the right side.. i have a neighbor on the left. I am happy with that.. do hope i get used to it

  2. I also always find things to photograph when I don't take the camera! Our neighbours don't live here permanently, Tavi hasn't got used to them coming and going yet, so I know what is like although the noise of 5 dogs must be loud! Sarah x

    1. Isn't it just the way Sarah. I think I would have had some nice shots this afternoon. A little too loud sometimes with 5.
      Thanks for coming to visit Sarah.. xx

  3. Hello Val,
    It is startling when the dogs begin to bark. I am glad all is well and they were just protecting you.
    Your garden is glowing. My roses are budding and I am anxious for a bloom
    Comments are so great and, like you, I cherish them.

    1. Thank you dear Helen,
      My garden is looking nice.. its getting a little too big for me.. but i carry on.

  4. Your flowers are so beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful new neighbor who your dogs adore.

    1. hello Jen
      Thank you for coming to visit. always nice to see you.
      I do hope that my neighbor will be a nice one.

  5. Dear Val, I know what you mean about the camera. Today on my walk I saw the most beautiful bird, a rare yellow and pale blue parrot. They are very shy so you can't go too close, and unfortunately did not have my camera with the zoom lens. Ah well, better take camera tomorrow.
    Your dogs are wonderful watch dogs, aware something different is happening. I hope your new neighbour becomes a good friend.
    The fuchsias are very glamorous and exotic, and your yellow rose always wins my heart! xx

    1. Its always the way Patricia, when we see something, no camera.
      I can see the parrot ..it must have been stunning..their colors are so beautiful..
      I have been thinking of looking at a bigger zoom lense..need to see if it will fit my Cannon G11.
      People here keep to themselves.. but now the dogs tell me when the neighbors arrive.. thats good

  6. Dear Val, thank you for taking us along on your eventful walk. Your roses look healthy and beautiful. I remember them from last year...they have grown.

    1. Thank you Gina.
      I did enjoy my walk.. it was uplifting. I dont walk enough .
      I work harder each season to get better and bigger roses.. its the feed that does it.

  7. Good morning Val......thanks for coming by to say hi.....Isn't it amazing what a walk in Nature can do for one's soul.....simply DIVINE!



    1. Hi Jo,
      I love to visit your blog..its always so interesting.. love your back garden.. A walk does indeed live one's spirits.
      Thanks for coming over.. val x

  8. Getting outside for a walk always does me good too. Stretches your legs! heehee! And I love your fushcia and the gorgeous roses. We have such spindly rose bushes but the roses have the strongest smell. We cut them and put them in a bud vase....I almost said a bug vase! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for your visit. Yes, I did enjoy my walk. I dont do it too often.
      Some of my roses have heavy scents.
      Ha ha.. a bug vase.. we all make those mistakes..

  9. I love seeing your flower pictures, Val. It's like summer in spring for us from n northern climes. It's a shame you didn't have your camera with you, but I can see your hare in my mind's eye very clearly. I do hope the dogs get used to having neighbours too.

    1. Thank you Perpetua.
      I am enjoying my garden. Also very much into pots this year.
      We have been having beautiful weather.. but today rain, we need it.
      The hare was so big.

  10. Hi Val. Will you feel more safe with closer neighbors or do you feel it is an intrusion on your space. I like to have neighbors around if they don't get too personal!! Wish you could have gotten a picture of that hare. What a treat to see. Good that you have 10 brave eyes looking out for you though...Happy beautiful Spring..Judy

    1. Hi Judy..
      Intrusion . I like my away from neighbors. I do greet some that are around here, when i pass them in their cars..very few here.
      I love that Judy.. 10 brave eyes.. yes ..they let me know when their car is passing on the bottom road. Thanks for leaving your comment. always nice to see you. xx

  11. Val, I admire your roses so much. My yellow and white ones are doing nicely, but we had some rain and the red and pink ones are slow growing. That must have been a sight for you when you saw the hare. Too bad you didn't have your camera with you. You are going to have a new neighbor, and I hope he's a good one.

    It's always such a pleasure to see what's going on around your neck of the woods. Have a lovely weekend, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

    by the way, that daisy looks very unique, and is a bit different than the daisies around here.

  12. Dear Val,
    How lovely to see a hare - we used to have a lot in the back field but they seem to have disappeared. Your flowers pictures are lovely - the roses look so healthy. Good that you are having new neighbours too - hope the dogs soon get used to them being there.

  13. Your roses and flowers look so beautiful and healthy. I used to have many rose bushes but with the pine trees growing and bringing shade I only have one bush left and it has not flowered yet. The sun is so important. Your area sounds so lovely – great for walks.


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