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Friday, 8 May 2015

May, Spring and Joy

Her name is Aphrodite. she was born Friday 2 weeks ago.  Pascoa is a wonderful mother and Aunt too.  Those of you who know me, will know that Pascoa is also the mother of Surprise, who looks very similar to mum, but is taller. Aphrodite  is the image of her cousin 'Venus'.. well of course they have the same daddy.

  Look at her legs already.. I took this at 1.45 today.. she tries to eat the grass and stays always with mummy.  
Nature is magical .. Mother nature watches over these beautiful creatures , while they give birth on their own.  When we go out to fill their water trough , there is another addition.  Truly amazing.
                             Here is Rosie , with Venus - Venus has white socks.. thats how I know the difference, otherwise they are like twins.
                                          Aphrodite  lying down.. and Venus standing.  Both April  babies.
Our weather here is superb.   I have the windows open and the fresh afternoon breeze is coming. The birds are twittering, the butterflies are flitting from flower to flower.  
I do love Spring.  At this stage of my life, I think I like it better than all the other months.
It seems, that all things are good and people are smiling and happy, with a feeling of Hope.
An excitement of what future days will bring us. 


I always promised me a rose garden.

 Along with the beautiful spring sunshine.. my rose bushes are all in full bloom.. new buds arriving each day.
Happiness is.

                      Pink, yellow, deep yellow with a touch of orange, white, and deeper pink
                                             pinks and reds - very large blooms
     I split most of my daisies earlier this year in Jan.. and now they are coming along so well.  I am trying to get as many colors as I can.  There are some lovely daisies out there.. So it might be a trip to the nursery one of these days.
                                                  I love these daisies.. they are a pink with a touch of orange.
                                                       My big yellow daisy bush.. it needs tons of water.  Below a lilac daisy.. I planted last year and has really taken off.. I like to see them amongst the rose bushes.

To all of my dear blogging friends, who left comments on my last blog.. Thank you for passing by. I do appreciate reading all your kind comments.

Its been a busy few weeks for me, and at this time of the year I spend more time in the garden.

I will be away next week in Lisbon.   I have to see my Neurosurgeon.. checking up on my back and hip.. not been too good of late.  Thats enough of illness.     I am well and enjoying spring.

                                                  This beautiful red rose is for my dear blogging friend.
                                                                     Sheri. - @ Red Rose Alley.
                                     Sheri, I know how you love this rose and always comment on it when I show it.

                 Happiness and Love, to all my dear blogging friends.



  1. sorry for your health troubles! hope the doctor visit can help. love your sweet little foals and beautiful roses, too!

  2. Hi Val, I've been missing your post, good to hear from you today. Your new pony is so cute, if course babies are always!
    Love, Love, Love your Roses and flowers.
    Take care of yourself!


  3. Hello Valerie,
    It is beautiful to see such a burst of colour in your garden, Your garden is obviously getting a lot of sunshine and tender loving care too.
    The horses must be a continuous source of amusement and joy.
    Best wishes on your journey to Lisbon.

  4. Oh, Val, what beautiful babies. I could sit and watch them all day long and I imagine you do too. Horses and dogs are my favorites, there is something about each of them that makes me want to hug them. They are such honorable creatures. Your flowers are gorgeous, especially all the colors of your roses. You certainly have a green thumb, my friend, with all your beautiful treasures..Happy Weekend and Happy Mother's Day..Judy

  5. Dear Val, So many happy and beautiful photographs you are sharing with us. All is looking so happy, healthy and abundant. No wonder. You love your animals and plants and it shows.
    I'm keeping fingers crossed that your visit to Lisbon will have good results.

  6. Aphrodite is precious. You must get so much pleasure from your horses! Your roses are gorgeous. I hope all goes well with you doctor visit. xo

  7. Flowers and foals - your happiness must be complete! Good luck in Lisbon. I hope you are well!

  8. Val, thank you for the red rose today, it's beautiful! I can't believe how sturdy your rose bush is, and there's so many roses! I only have one or two coming in right now, as it is a newly planted rose bush. My husband says to give it time and they will bloom soon. I look forward to seeing my bushes as full and lovely as yours. Aphrodite is so cute. I do hope your back and hip are feeling better, Val. That must be so hard for you to walk.

    Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. It means a lot to me. Have a great week, Val.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Dear Val,
    Oh my another beautiful addition to your horsey family - and such beautiful roses as well - I only wish I could grow them as well as you do.

    Hope everything goes well on your trip to Lisbon. Take care.

  10. Dear Val - thinking about you in Lisbon this week and hoping your Neurosurgeon can help you with your back and hip problems.
    What a delight to have another little foal joining the Alentejo group of animals - she looks a delight.
    Your garden is looking full of colourful.

  11. I hope everything goes well with your appts this week. I sure love seeing the baby horse and the red rose is gorgeous! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. How wonderful to have another foal!Your rose garden too looks amazing, so lovely to have so many blooms. Sarah x

  13. Val, I commented on this post earlier, but I guess it didn't go through, so sorry. Aphrodite is so precious, and she has such long legs! I know what you mean about the spring weather. As I get older, I can't take the heat during the summer months like I used to. Oh Val, look at those red roses, they are beautiful! I wish mine were as full as this, but I just planted them, so it will take some time to blossom. I've had a few single roses sprout up and it's such a joy to see them bloom. That pink flower with the green in the middle is so unusual looking. I've never seen one quite like it before.

    Thank you for the red rose, Val, and your friendship. It really made my day. Have a blessed weekend, my dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri


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