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Saturday, 6 June 2015

saturday morning and a wedding in May.

 I am slowly on the mend.  Feeling a lot better.  I am very proud of myself.  I am sticking to the physio regime rigorously .. It will be for the rest of my life.   I have to walk a lot.  So I do a little each day..more and more.    Its amazing, how straight my back feels.  I only hope that it stays this way and my life can get better and better.

A normal saturday morning at Quintinha das Rosas..  The horses walking to the water trough.. they know i am there to chat to them.. they love their morning chat.. and as soon as i am more sure on my feet, i will walk with them..they like that.
                                       Venus with mummy Rosie.  I sometimes get mixed up with the foals ..as they look like twins.  They are stunningly beautiful little things.. I want to have them near me.
                               Aphrodite with mummy Pascoa.. difference-  she has no white socks- you can see Venus has the white socks.  Also Aphrodite is a little darker.
        My garden is bursting with blooms, and bushes with their flowers.. and the creepers.. They loved the spring weather.     Its much hotter now..so have to water early morning.

Hidden in the oleander trees.. the most beautiful cluster of yellow roses. 


My dear friend Dita's eldest daughter got married on the 10th of May.
  It was a great affair . A very big family and close friends.   I was so happy to have made it for that day. 
 I have known Susana  since she was 10.. a long time.  Such happy laughter and joy, dancing and merriment.  Above all everyone was so  very very relaxed.  It was a a super day.

  Hugo her brother walked her down the isle..               Here Susana is getting her makeup done.
 The theme for the wedding was white and red.. it looked so beautiful..

Our village church alter.                                                       Susana being greeted by her future husband.

 Their two sons were Baptized at the wedding too.  It was a village affair.  Open church, friends family and people attending mass were there.  It really was so lovely.  A day to remember.  The boys took it so seriously and were angels.   Susana and Aristides , have been together for 10 years.. They thought it time to really make it legal.

  Two cakes..    the wedding cake..   and the boys Baptism  cake.

                       Ready for the church.. the cousins all together..  Carolina and Margarida the flower girls.. they looked like little princesses.

 After the ceremony.. Here,  Susana  is having difficulty with her long dress at the back getting into her cousins horse and carriage..  Eventually the family were in.. and off they trotted around the village.. some of the cars driving behind bibbing their horns.. its a big tradition here.   I went on to the restaurant.  

Dita did her daughter Proud.   A happy day of memories.

I thank all my dear friends , who left such kind messages on my last post.. thank you so very much.
I am on the road to recovery.
It will take time.. but I will get there.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.



  1. Very lovely wedding Val. Your roses are so pretty, mine are blooming and I have a new climber this season. The horses are so graceful, I know they bring you much joy. Praying you continue to get better and are as good as new soon.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  2. sounds like they are well-established in their wedded life. congrats to them!

    i am so glad you are getting stronger!!

  3. So glad you are recovering nicely! I know physical therapy is hard, and good for you for sticking with it. Your horses are so beautiful--I could look at them forever. And what a lovely, festive wedding.

  4. Dear Val, It is so good to hear that you are getting better every day. Life is looking up for you and it couldn't happen to a more wonderful person and a more deserving person. Wishing you happy days ahead.

  5. So pleased to learn that you are making good progress Val - the positivity you are showing is a key element in your recovery.
    The wedding looks lovely - a very happy Dita family occasion.

  6. Dear Val, I am so glad you are getting better and stronger. It is vital to keep exercising as we get older, I find. I am now walking 3km each day, and hope to increase it. The sweet little horses are so charming, it must be lovely to look out and see them. And I always love your roses; pink and yellow is a favourite colour combination of mine - don't they look pretty together? Happy Sunday Val. xxx

  7. Hello Valerie,
    What a delightful wedding and so colourful. Happy to hear you are recovering and I hope you will be ship shape very soon.


  8. Val, a horse and carriage ride, how fantastic! The bride and groom look so nice, what a lovely wedding this is. And I've never seen the colors white and red before; her dress is very unique.

    I can't believe how you remember all your horse's names. They are so precious. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better with your back, and soon you will be able to take a walk along side your horses.

    Thank you for the wishes for Jess' engagement. She has been together a long time with her boyfriend, so it's definitely time. She is so happy right now. Another wedding, Val, and more planning, oh my!

    love, ~Sheri

  9. I'm so glad, Val, that you are feeling better. I know how you must feel about walking with the horses. That will come, I am sure. It was a beautiful wedding and I love how everyone came together with the bride and groom. Her dress looks beautiful..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Another wedding! So glad that you were well enough to attend and that you are feeling a lot better.

  11. Dear Val, I'm soory I was away and missed your post about your operation. I'm glad you are making good progress and I hope it will be a success. I have had friends who have had spinal surgery and I know how difficult it could be. I'm so glad you managed to get to the wedding. It looks a wonderful occasion such a beautiful dress and the children look so cute. I thought of you last week when I was under the olive trees, Sarah x

  12. Oh...I love weddings.
    Beautiful photos, Val.


  13. Val, I haven't been around for a while but was glad to read you are feeling better. Yes, please keep up the exercise routine...that's why I do it!...:)JP


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