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Monday, 29 June 2015

39º and rising.

It's now four months, since we had rain.      When I watch NG on tv and see how really the climate is changing faster than anyone thought.  I believe it now.      This year , is the worst year that I can remember being so so hot.  
Its 5 weeks tomorrow, that I had my lombar fusions..  It really has taken a toll on me.   Each day I get better, and hope that this will continue.  I have driven twice to the village and back.   And now can get in the pool to just do my exercises.  Its progress.

Its been difficult sitting in the computer chair .    I have not blogged for some time due to this.
It's now 8.12pm and the sun is still out.  Its a great time of the day, in fact early morning and later afternoon.  During the day, its really too hot .

 I have a bore hole for my water supply.  As its not rained for some time.  I cannot go crazy watering the garden.   My poor roses , plants , bushes have suffered with this immense wave of heat.  Today, they had a good watering.  It will take another week or so , for them to look healthy again.

                                                                                I caught site of the moon high up in the blue blue sky.. and a dove flew away, as i took the photo.

                               Vouga - hiding .  He loves to stand on the top step of the pool to get cool.  I was calling him to join me, but  he wasn't having it.

     I spend my mornings up until 1pm outside - Inside when its the real heat of the day.. then outside again at this time.  I have just come in.

                           Hardy panting with the heat.  I dipped him in a few days ago.  I think he liked it. I have never encouraged my dogs to swim in the pool.  Can you imagine 5 of them splashing away with me in there too.

My poor garden is so limp .    Its a hot summer, and nothing one can do about it.  I give as much water as I can.
       I was disappointed , when I took these photos.   one of my Fuschia bushes has just withered away.
Tomorrow.. I will have to move some pots to shadier areas of the garden.  

I have been thinking of you all.   And hope through the week , to catch up and say hello .
Thank you to all my dear friends who posted kind comments on my last post.

As I can't sit at the computer too long.  I am now and again on my i pad, and phone.
I am on Instagram  and FB.  
A few blogging friends have found me and me them.  

Wishing you all a very good week.   July is on our doorstep.



  1. Dear Val, I am glad you are making progress since your surgery, and I am sure the pool is wonderful therapy for you (and the occasional doggie friend!) You are really having the hot summer, as we did last summer here. So sad to watch the plants dying, and the grass shrivel up and go brown. I do hope you get some rain soon, and that you continue to be well. xx

    1. Thank you dear Patricia,
      I am slowly getting there.
      You know what its like when you are not well!
      Yes, its such a hot summer. Its a battle to keep the plants alive.
      Thanks for coming to visit. I am writing less posts now. x

  2. Hi Val, I pray you continue to improve and get rain. It is really hot here these days also. I work outside early in the mornings and stay indoors at other times. Take of yourself, you have been missed!

  3. Thanks Sylvia for coming to visit. Nice to see you.
    Yes its what we do here.. early morning out and later in the afternoon.
    I am slowly on the mend..

  4. Delighted that you are making good progress Val - sometimes it seems to take for ages after surgery and we expect results quicker than our bodies are capable of. Steady and sure is what you want.
    It has been 30º here today, and that is too hot for me. We went to the coast for a walk, and the sun was burning us up so we found a tree to sit under.

    1. Thank you dear Rosemary, Yes, it seems to go on and on.. but I am thankful that I can walk and am now back to blogging once in a while.
      I saw on this mornings news, that you are getting high temps.. not far off of us. Its just so hot here.. Couldn't live in Alentejo without a pool, its a +. Its best to stay in the shade.
      Thank you for your kind comments .. makes me feel better.

  5. Val, I feel your pain. In your back as well as your garden. We are having the same type of weather here, I can't remember when it was this hot this early in summer. My flowers are paying the price and our lawn is almost given up. I'm glad you are feeling better each day and that pool looks so refreshing. I imagine it feels good for you to be in it (the doggies too)..Happy Tuesday..Judy

    1. Thank you Judy,
      Its awful, that you had that fire, so near your home.
      Its really hot here.. I need to get the outer perimeter of the cottage area cleared. Poor flowers.
      Yes, the pool helps with my excercises.
      So nice to see you.

  6. Val, your pool looks so refreshing; I wish I could take a swim right now. It's been very hot here too, and supposed to be in the 100's this week. Your doggies seem to love you so much and are always around you, curious than ever. So sorry to hear that you have discomfort still. I guess it takes time, and your exercises may speed it along. You have a full bush of roses, and I can't wait til mine get that way someday. They are doing nicely, and I give them extra care in this heat.

    It's nice to visit with you, Val. Stay cool and enjoy the summer days.

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Hello Sheri,
      My region here 'Alentejo' gets very very hot during the summer months.. but this summer and its only the beginning is really hot.. we are on high red alert.
      My dogs follow me like glue stuck on paper.
      I do still have some discomfort..if its not better by the weekend.. I will make another appointment with my neurosurgeon.
      excercise is important..
      some of my rose bushes are doing ok.. but others are really hit by the heat.
      So pleased to see you Sheri.. thank you for your kind comments always..
      xxx val

  7. Dear Val, It was lovely to hear from you again. I'm glad to hear you are improving every day. It must be so hot with those temperatures I'm sure you could have done with them lower to help you recover in a bit more comfort. You must been so sad seeing your flowers suffering so much in the heat. Hope the temperatures will fall soon. Sarah x

    1. I am happy Sarah, that i can at least get back to doing a little blogging now and again. I miss my good blogging friends and you are one. Yes, its been so hot,that its been uncomfortable.
      There will be no falling of temp for a while.. July August are our hottest months. xxx

  8. Hello Val,
    So happy to read that you are making progress daily. Your pool looks very inviting and no doubt helps with you exercises Like you, I feel for my flowers when it is prohibitive to water them. Good weather here in Ireland, today wa 20 C which is very comfortable.

    Keep well
    Helen xx

    1. Thank you dear Helen.
      Yes, i have seen on the news, that you are having fine weather there. 20 is a perfect temp..
      My pool is so necessary here in the heat of Alentejo and helps with excercise.

  9. Just take your time and let yourself heal completely. I know there's always so much to do but you'll need to take it easy my friend. And enjoy your pool. Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Thank you Diane,
      That is just what i am doing.. taking my time. I am going nowhere.
      I have my lovely little haven right here.
      You are always so kind with your comments.. thanks for the blogging friendship.. val x

  10. You are without rain....and we've had the most rain, in a summer, than I can ever remember. Every two or three days we get a shower. The garden is loving it !!


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