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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Quenching one's thirst.

Many of us are experiencing excessive heat waves.  
I cannot remember it being so hot and dry here in Alentejo for many years. 
Recently I read an article about keeping hydrated.   My youngest son Filipe, when he phones, asks me. "mum, did you drink your intake of daily water".
I don't know about yourselves .. but its so important for our health. 
A recent BBC report .
Not surprising for me, as my mother was a great believer in drinking tea to quench one's thirst.
They say that tea is better for you than water.   Some of us may agree or disagree.
Water essentially replaces fluid - Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants.  Specifically flavonoids , some of the research believed and found that same compounds can ward off heart attacks.
My parents had 4 to 5 cups of tea per day.. and lived a very healthy life.
I wrote a post about tea some time ago.   Its a very healthy drink and hydrates our body.
Ceylon black tea.. is one of the best.  You can cool it and put a sprig of mint in it , better than caned iced tea.
Herbal teas.. are ideal.. black fruits , camamille.. Its also good for loosing a few extra pounds.!

Some other drinks to quench our thirst.  Fresh fruit juices.. as sugar free as possible.   Sodas and carb drinks are not healthy for us.  Its so easy with our blender, to make a fruit smoothie, fruits that have natural sugar content.
My daughter in law Sasha.. makes her jugs of fresh water, and adds mint, or lemon slices.. make sure its a fresh lemon that you cut open.. and just puts the cut fruit in the water.. its so refreshing.

  My two favorite drinks to quench my thirst are  -Water 1 to 2 litres a day.. never go anywhere without my bottle of water.  Its good for the skin too.    And of course my cups of tea.  I drink more of these than other drinks.

Just a little post to remember , that during these very hot summer days ..we must stay hydrated.  Being de hydrated can lead to a drop in mood and energy levels.  

Its the 1st of July.. Take time to think about your health.. its worth it.  So many people drink sodas and pop.   Try some of these drinks and you will feel the benifits...

Stay in the shade. take care of the suns rays.  use organic sun cream.

Where ever you live .. wishing you a happy Wednesday.



  1. Oh yes, I endorse this 100%, Val. It is vital to drink water, and I drink a lot of cool fresh water every day, as well as several cups of tea, and a cup of coffee. As you say, good for the skin too. My father never drinks water, however, and I worry about him not getting enough fluid. However, he has made it to 94, so I guess he is going OK :) xx

    1. Hi Patricia.. Nothing better than water. I am like you.
      Your father is amazing Patricia..
      Do you still take him out on a Sunday now and again, for his ice cream and tea.. he always looks so happy.

  2. I love a good cup of tea!

    1. Hi Sylvia.
      Yes, I know you make such a lovely table set, when you serve your tea. I do like my tea too.

  3. You're so right about the water intake, it really helps with rehydration. I haven't posted for a good couple of months and really miss it. Things will change when I get back from Italy. Thanks for all your lovely comments on fb and Igram. Speak very soon. X

    1. Buon journo.. ):- ha
      I wrote this post, because we have had a lot of people fainting and not hydrating themselves with enough fluid.
      I am dying to see some of your photos and .. will see you over at instergram.. I think i will stick to vals_world 123... I had that glitch and started vals cottage.. but doesnt make sense to have two igram's.. Enjoy it all. Tuti malto biene.. Tanto amore.. baci ciao amici.. ):- val

  4. We love our iced tea here in Texas-especially in the summer time, although I enjoy a cup of hot tea in the morning and afternoon, too. Stay cool and hydrated!

    1. I visited Texas twice.. outer Houston.. and we drank iced tea nearly all day.
      Thanks Jan for visiting. Nice to see you.
      Enjoy your week.

  5. Like your new look blog Val - a cup of tea is so refreshing especially in this hot weather. I have some teas that I have bought back from abroad. A delicious apple tea from Turkey and a really lovely tea from Kashmir made from saffron, cardamon, and cinnamon

    1. Thank you Rosemary,
      I do so enjoy a couple of cups of tea during the day. The tea that you brought back sounds so exotic .. cinnamon i have.. never thought you could make saffron tea, or apple.. amazing.. i must look out for them.
      Thanks for coming to visit. pleased you like the new look.. a little different.. wishing you a happy week.

  6. Sorry to hear about your heat wave! I drink lots of water with lemon or lime slices in it. Hope you are doing well.xo

    1. Hi Jen,
      I am happier today.. the temp has dropped a little , and there is a breeze.
      Its been so so hot and no sign of rain.

  7. I love your new header and reading about all those drinks is making me thirsty! I will have to try Sasha's drink is sounds lovely! Sarah x

  8. Nice to see you Sarah,
    I always love going to Miguel's home.. as Sasha during these hot days, always has such delicious water to drink.. herbal tea too.
    I am a little lazy.. i need to get my ice boxes in the deep freeze.
    Thanks for coming over .. xx

  9. I agree entirely, Val. Water and tea are my standbys too, whatever the weather.


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