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Monday, 2 November 2015

Its been raining now heavily for a week, with a few hours of respite in between. No complaints, its needed.    I went for a quick walk down the path, with the dogs.  Winter is on its way. When it rains and november arrives , we can get some colder days.  I ordered a ton of wood for the wood burner, should come before the weekend.  I have not had any heating on since April , more or less.  I have turned it on now for this evening.  
The sky is heavy and laying low.  Rain clouds over head.  Its damp and wet. 
A night for watching a good movie, and cuddling up with a blanket . 
Weather man says, that we might get some sun more towards weekend. 

                                            Getting the outside furniture, ready for storage.
                                                   All the bushes are growing like mad.
                                               The olive trees  are laden.  I always feel sad during these days.. as no one wants to pick olives any more.  It is a back breaking job.  In some ways, the common market is not a good thing.!!  I just have to let them fall , hoping the birds and little night animals will eat them.  I usually have had a batter exchange going.. but no one interested.
          The pastures are getting much greener with more foliage.. The horses are happy with their daily showers.
                                                            overgrowing, somehow I like it.
                                               Kept this little pink Gerda cut smaller this season..and its bloomed. They bloom all year around.   I hope its Gerda..!  someone told me it was. I am hopeless with the names of flowers.
              Except this one.   I still have buds blooming.  Changing my vases every 3 days with fresh cut ones.
Life goes on the same here at Quintinha das Rosas.   Its time for making plans and finishing others.
Having a house and garden, there is always something that one wants to add or change.
Its going dark now.
Time to wish you all a very good evening and a happy week.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post.

Val ,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  1. It must be very strange having so much rain after months without a drop! What a shame that no one wants the olives anymore. Your plant is called gaura, the white version is called whirling butterflies which is such a good description! Hope you have enjoyed a movie and being snug under a blanket. Sarah x

    1. Its really strange the first few days. Now we are getting used to it. We get rains on and off. Maybe some sunshine this weekend.
      Its such a shame about the olives.. but alas, agriculture is on the decline. Thank you Sarah, for the name of the flower.. Gaura.. i love it.. it gives flower all the year around here. i have a few bushes.
      I watched an old movie with steve mc queen..tucked up in bed.
      Thanks for your visit.always nice to see you.

  2. glad you have firewood on the way. :)

    1. Thanks Tex.
      I will also be pruning some old olive trees.. i can use them after christmas.x

  3. Val first before I forget...I love your header of that Lantana...a great photo! The plant that you call Gerda, I refer to as Gaura...they look the same and I, too, love mine. It is too bad about your olives though yet your bushes are looking so full and lush, my friend. Hope you are doing well...:)JP

    1. Hi JP:
      thank you for telling me the name of the flower I have.. Lantana. It was my mothers first plant she planted in Rhodesia when i was 8. she loved them. This particular one is doing so well.
      The trees are full. will be pruning some .
      Thank you for coming over JP. always nice to see you.
      I am getting better with each day.

  4. I loved seeing the beautiful pictures of you garden and the olive trees. If I was there I would help you. I love olives. We are going to have a few days of warm weather and then the cool fall temps will be back.

    1. Thank you Betty.
      I have been away for a while, due to operations and a bad fall. I am now able to type.. so catching up with blogging.
      We might get sun this weekend.

  5. The rains of October and November are welcome in my part of the world too. After a very dry summer we need the rains all winter to replenish the water supply.
    Enjoy your late roses - they are beautiful!

    1. Hello Pondside,
      Yes, the rains are very welcome.. Our summers are always so dry, especially this year.
      Thanks for coming over..

  6. A week of rain! Just what your grounds and gardens need, Val. I wish we could have a week of rain too. You can see the results already in the greening of the pastures and all the flowers blooming. So true, there is always something to do around the house and garden, but it keeps us young and active! xx

    1. Yes, a week of rain. Its been wonderful. We are still going to get some more. The plants, the animals and agriculture all need it.
      Its great to see green fields.. i dont like the parched fields of summer.
      Thanks for your comment Patricia..lovely to see you.

  7. So glad it's been raining there, Val. It rained here a couple of days also, and I was overjoyed, as California really needs the rain. Oh, your red rose made me smile, it's lovely. And your buds are still blooming? I still have roses blooming too, and it's nice to look at them when I go outside.

    Happy November, Val. Those olive trees are so special. : )

    love, ~Sheri


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