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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Cowardly acts

Only when I turned on  the news early this morning,  did I see what horror and pain and  suffering, that the so called 'Isis' inflicted on the  innocent people of Paris.  
What more can the people of Europe do to help the influx of refugees from the devestation that 'Isis has inflicted' on their own people, within their own countries. We have given them everything.   I do not care to write about bad things.  Its a big world out there, and we must all be able to get along with one another.   
For me, this morning my mood changed.  This cowardly act has hit me hard.  The face of Europe is changing and at a fast pace too.  Is there no stopping these cowards , because that is what I call them. 

I lit a candle .. It truly was a black Friday the 13th.    France , a country that is for ..freedom and liberty.
All nationalities under their canopy.    

 There is so much I would like to write about.. but think it not appropriate for the internet.
My views on European law, are changing and as from today, will change even more.

 A rose for the people of Paris..  

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  1. Dear Val, You are so right: 'the face of Europe is changing and at a fast pace too'. We noticed that, on our trip a month ago, it had changed drastically from the year before.
    My heart goes out to the families and people of Paris.

  2. Dearets Val ,i can feel your thoughts and yesterday was a black Friday for Europe . I think that many things will change soon in Europe . I hope that this terrorist will stop .All day we stand in front of TV to listen the news ....
    All my love

  3. I lit a candle today also. I could not believe what I was watching on the tv yesterday.
    I think that this is only the beginning. More will come and I am wondering what will the world leaders do. My Daughter has been planning on taking her whole family to Europe next year, but now she has said no way.

  4. Hear, hear....I couldn't agree more. My part of the world is changing, too! Sometimes I fear I will wake up and not recognize it anymore.

  5. It is awful and shocking Val, every time that they strike. A lovely idea to light a candle. I thought about it when I went to Mass today - when will it all stop?

  6. I was as appalled as you were to hear this news and how innocent people and their families have been affected by this horrendous act. Sarah x


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